October Bride-O-File: Erin Weller

Say hello to Erin Weller and Casey Crosbie who celebrated their love with a

romantic, laid back, super-fun, California-style wedding!

Romantic 4Wedding Date – July 19th, 2014

Wedding Size – 215

Ceremony – Rotunda

Cocktails – Grand Foyer

Reception – African Mammal Hall

Romantic 3

How did you meet?

We met working for a non-profit in downtown Los Angeles. Both of us have always had a heart to give to our local communities.  It’s something we care about very deeply, and even tried to integrate into our wedding.

Reception 9

Our ‘centerpieces’ during the reception were actually gift baskets with supplies for the homeless at the shelter where Casey works.

Wedding Party 3

What made you choose the Natural History Museum for your wedding?

The one thing both of us wanted was to make our wedding as creative and interesting as possible. The venue offered a space that is both entertaining and quirky as well as memorable and more than a little awe-inspiring.  What more could you ask for?!

Reception 10

Share some fun details about the event! What made your wedding AMAZING?

There are so many things it’s hard to choose were to start. Our goal was to keep surprising people, especially those who hadn’t been to the museum before.  Luckily, there are so many ways to surprise people here!

Ceremony 4

We held our ceremony in the rotunda. We chose it because it really has the feeling of a sacred space, and because that way we could guide our guests through the garden outside and have them enter the museum that way.

Cocktails 1

After the ceremony we led people through the dinosaur halls to the grand foyer for the cocktail hour. The grand foyer is a really shocking space to see for the first time. Not long after that came the dinosaurs (another surprise), and when the doors opened for the reception the sight of the elephants in the African Mammal hall shocked everyone again.

Dino 1

What was your favorite moment?

Definitely the times when the dinosaurs came out! After the wedding we kept hearing story after story about the dinos.  The T-Rex made its appearance during the cocktail hour. We had warned parents with young children that it would be out, but the children all were less scared than the adults! 

Reception 7

The Triceratops came out during our reception. We had our band play the theme from “The Flintstones” when it appeared, and it actually came out and did a dance with us!

Dino 2

Both dinos also did an impressive number of shenanigans. Two of our favorite stories – the T-Rex stole one of the bridesmaid’s flowers and wouldn’t give it back, and the Triceratops (unsuccessfully) tried to purchase drinks from the bar.

And the details(including but not limited to):

Reception 4.2Caterer:

Reception 1Rentals:

Reception 8 DJ/Music:

  • Gerry Rothchild Band – http://www.grbands.com/
  • We both love the classics – If you want a live band that can play classic rock, blues and jazz, we highly recommend Gerry and his team!

Romantic 5


  • Created by our good friend Sarah Sawyer. She taught herself how to make floral arrangements just for our wedding!

Romantic 2.1


Reception 3

Any advice for future museum wedding couples?

There are lots of fun ways to use what the museum has to offer – We created a ‘scavenger hunt’ with trivia from the various displays, and printed it on the back of our program. It gave our guests another reason to explore the museum during the cocktail hour. They received the answers during the reception.

Wedding Party 4

Anything else you want to share? 

Thanks to everyone at the museum – Courtney, the serving staff, security workers and the puppeteers for everything you did to make our night incredible!

Romantic 1

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