Congratulations Kevin and Elizabeth!

On 10.10.10 we had not one, but TWO weddings! Both the Natural History Museum and the George C Page museum at the La Brea Tar Pits were home to two very special weddings!

Kevin and Elizabeth exchanged vows on the upper terrace of the Page Museum. The terrace is an open air level one flight up from the main museum and overlooks the Grand Circle in Hancock Park and the atrium inside the museum. In addition, the terrace offers sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills and Wilshire Boulevard.

The party then moved indoors where guests ate, drank and danced amongst the ice age mammals including mammoths, dire wolf skulls, giant sloths and saber-tooth cats.

Guests were served wine, beer, soft drinks and the couple’s signature vodka drink “Prehistoric Punch.”



When renting the Page Museum for an after-hours event, the entire floor of the museum becomes your event space. We also keep the center atrium open for viewing.


As the museum is fully carpeted, we do recommend renting a dance floor! For this wedding, they decided to hold the dancing over by the timeline in the southeast corner of the museum.



Kevin and Elizabeth opted to keep the audio animatronics mammoth on for the reception, and guests were treated to his “responses” all during the best man’s speech. If you prefer, we will be happy to silence him or let him roar during your event.

All the above photos are courtesy of Dan Cole. You can see more of his amazing work at

If you would like more information on holding your event at the George C. Page Museum or in the surrounding Hancock Park, please call our special events line at 213-763-3221 or email us at .


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