The Girls are Back!

Our newly restored Haaga Family Rotunda is now open to the public!

The first floor of the Haaga Family Rotunda is displaying a new exhibit titled, “What on Earth?”  This fun and engaging installation offers Museum visitors close-up views of the objects on display, mounted and beautifully lit. A single question is posed alongside each object. Answers, and more questions, await as you walk around to the opposite side of each display case. (Taken from The second floor mezzanine runs the circumference of the room and is currently home to the exhibit “Life Through the Ages: Revisiting the Paintings of Charles R. Knight.”

This room features a domed ceiling with a magnificent stained glass window. In the center of the room stands the very first piece of public art funded by Los Angeles County, a Beaux Arts statue entitled “Three Muses,” which represents the disciplines of Art, History and Science. 

Whether you are looking to hold an intimate wedding ceremony, a cocktail reception or a formal dinner, this room will not disappoint! It has a seated capacity of 120 and a standing capacity of 250 guests.

 The first 10 people to book the Rotunda will receive a 25% off the list price. Hurry as spaces are filling up quickly!

For more information on holding an event in the Rotunda or any of our other rooms, please visit or call the Special Events Information Line at 213-763-3221.


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