And now for the invites…

Wow, Alyssa and Josh have seriously outdone themselves, folks! As impressed as we were at their save the date cards, their wedding invitations have completely blown us away!     

    Seriously, the design and attention to detail that these two have put into their invitations is nothing short of amazing! Following up with their band gig save the date cards, they have sent out their invitations as an album cover inspired by the ’50s and 60’s LPs. Their photo for the album/invite cover was taken by Josh, and he used a black sweatshirt as a backdrop and Alyssa was holding a blue LED nightlight from Ikea to get their desired effects.           

Alyssa's Sketch


According to Josh’s blog, the inspiration for the RSVP cards came from an old Cleveland bus ticket that Alyssa found on eBay.   

She sketched out her idea first and came up with a great card that fits perfectly with their theme.     


The InspirationIn addition, Alyssa hand-lettered and cut stickers the say “I love the Future Korwins” based on an old Beatles button to throw in the invitations as an added bonus! 
There is no way I can do all the details justice here. I highly recommend you take a look at the post on Josh’s blog at . There is a photo slide show at the bottom where you can get an up close look at all the little details.
For more information on holding your wedding at the Natural History Museum, please call 213-763-3221 or email us at

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