Happy Birthday Tommy!

On Saturday, April 17 the Natural History Museum was the place to be to celebrate Tommy’s birthday! Tommy loves dinosaurs and even wore his favorite dinosaur t-shirt for the occasion.

As his friends arrived, they signed his custom-made birthday card and got to work on their craft and name tags. While they colored they had a chance to examine the museum’s artifacts that were borrowed from our member’s loan service (http://www.nhm.org/site/activities-programs/borrow-artifact ) which included a monkey skull, a saber tooth cat skull, a whale vertebrae, an alligator head and several fossils!

The kids were very excited to attend the Dinosaur Encounter! show in our second floor North American Mammal Hall.

They bravely took a front row seat to watch Sophie from our education department teach them all about the tyrannosaurus rex! The kids all had a great time, even when the t-rex got a little close with his giant teeth…

After the dinosaur show, the kids went on a scavenger hunt that had them working together to follow the clues!

This hunt had the kids follow clues that took them through the Grand Foyer, African Mammal Hall, American History Hall, Fin Whale Passage, North American Mammal Hall and finally to the Discovery Center, where they took some time to enjoy the fossil dig pit and insect zoo!

Tommy’s mom Lisa kept everyone fed with pizza from Pasta Romo and lots of snacks and drinks.

After lunch Tommy got to blow out the candles on his super cool wrestling/dinosaur cake. As the guests departed, everyone went home with a bag full of goodies!

Thank you to Jill, Tom, and all of Tommy’s friends and family that came out to help him celebrate his special day. Another thank you to Theresa Panero for sharing her amazing party photos. And a very special thank you to Tommy for choosing to share your birthday with us here at the Natural History Museum!

Make sure you comeback and visit us again!

For more information on holding your child’s birthday at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, please call 213-763-3221 or visit our website at http://www.nhm.org/site/about-our-museums/event-rentals-filming/event-types/kids-birthday-parties.


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