Kickoff Party!

On the evening of January 16, the AIDS LifeCycle hosted a “Night at the Museum” for hundreds of cyclists and supporters in anticipation of the AIDS LifeCycle Ride to End Aids on June 6 through June 12.


AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, June 6-12, 2010. This event was to get riders registered and to get information out to those who were interested in riding or volunteering.


Those who registered got raffle tickets with a chance to win all kinds of amazing prizes including brand new bikes. Good Gracious! catered the event and treated guests some mouth-watering snacks.


Through private donations they were able to raise enough money to have the museum’s T-Rex Dino puppet make an appearance and mingle with the guests as an added treat!

A great big thank you is in order for James and Ivy who worked their fingers to the bone getting things in order for this event. You guys rock! And another thank you to all the employees and volunteers from Aids Lifecycle who helped make the event a success! If you would like more information on Aids Lifecycle please take a minute and check out their website at

The above photos are courtesy of Steven Rood at and Chris Eisenberg at

The Natural History Museum offers a 20% discount off room rentals to non-profit groups. For more information on holding an event here or to find out if your group qualifies for a discount, please call the Special Events Info Line at 213-763-3221.


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