Happy Birthday Fiona!

    On January 16, the Natural History Museum helped Fiona celebrate her 6th birthday. Fiona loves all things science so her party included learning about dinosaurs, geodes and what it takes to be a good scientist!       



As they arrive the children all get to sign a card made specifically for future-scientist Fiona  by the museum’s design department.  The party then starts with a craft where the children put together a dinosaur puzzle, color their creation and then give it an original name!           





Once everyone arrived and got settled it was time to head to the 2nd Floor North American Mammal Hall for the Dinosaur Encounters show!       

The kids got a firsthand look at how the puppet works and were treated to a performance starring the Tyrannosaurus Rex. After the show, Fiona went backstage along with a friend and her mom to meet the T-Rex up close and pose for a photo!          


After the show, everyone enjoyed the mammal hall for a bit before heading back downstairs for lunch. Fiona’s mom put together a presentation to show the children how important it is to use more than just your eyes if you are going to be a scientist!       

   She taught them about geodes and how something that looks like a rock on the outside is actually harboring a beautiful secret inside. She then passed out edible geodes that she baked to prove her point. In addition to the geodes, she also made a cake that looked like a paleontological dig site!          

Fiona and her mom with the dig site cake!


Thank you to all of Fiona’s friends and family that came out to make her birthday party a huge success! And of course a big thank you to the birthday girl for choosing to make the Natural History Museum part of her special day! Happy birthday Fiona! Make sure to come back and visit us!       

For more information on holding your child’s birthday party here at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County please call the Special Events line at 213-763-3221 or visit http://www.nhm.org/site/about-our-museums/event-rentals-filming/event-types/kids-birthday-parties.


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